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A vast number of films have used Budapest as a double for Paris, which is not a surprise because the Hungarian capital is full of historic districts and buildings that have that special Parisian atmosphere of a grandiose and decadent city during the turn of the century. Actually, since Budapest has had hardly been modernised over the last decades, its is actually more alike the historical image of Paris we all have in our minds, than the actual Paris of today. Here the is a large range of charming or grandiose streets, beautiful historic buildings, glamourous café houses, stunning iron and glass train stations and a characteristic skyline that has uniquely not been ruined by skyscrapers. In the city center there are countless apartment houses with a remarkable European feel, some well kept, while others are eerily dilapidated. These Parisian streets were used in Steven Spielberg’s Munich for historic scenes set in Paris, as well as in Bel Ami with Robert Patterson. In addition, the British television production of Maigret with Rowan Atkinson, the 2017 spy movie Atomic Blonde and Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez used the city for doubling as Paris of the past and present.