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The second largest city in Hungary, Debrecen is situated in the Great Plain. As a large, yet peaceful, rich countryside city with a range of grandiose historic and Soviet Era architecture, it is home to many locations ideal for film and photography productions. Its significance comes from being the Eastern centre of Hungarian of economy, infrastructure and culture, as well as an important centre of Calvinism. Generally, it has a peaceful, historic charm with classicist houses and churches that offer the atmosphere of a spacious countryside town. Another of Debrecen’s faces is of a lively university city since its higher education attracts students from all around the world forming some bustling transport hubs in town. The University of Debrecen’s main monumental building is neo-baroque in style and has a grandiose inner courtyard covered with a 30 meters high glass window roof. The Soviet Era has left its mark on this city with a prominent train station and a range of housing blocks featuring the typically retro use of colours, materials and decoration. Vibrant and constantly developing to this day, the historic architecture here is well preserved, while Debrecen is also being expanded with modern buildings and newly designed public spaces.

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