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Create Your Own Location Presentation

Progressive’s application is an in-house development, an ideal tool to create a location scout brief or to use in initial meetings on locations. To make the desired selection, you can choose among 1000+ locations in our online location library. The system does not require registration; you can even share and reach your presentations without logging in. Every user chooses themselves how complex a presentation would they like to construct: you can simply put a few pictures after each other, or organize their order and group them into different galleries. You can pick locations from one, or even two countries. By logging in, you can save your presentation and edit it on any other device, as well as create an unlimited amount of other presentations. When ready, with one click you can generate your own url for sharing. The location presentation’s photographs are optimised for the computer screen’s size and resolution, so either on a small screen mobile phone or on a large, 5K resolution screen, the picture will be displayed in the best possible quality. Are you ready to give it a try? The first step is adding a few pictures from our location library to the selection by clicking on the +ADD TO SELECTION button on the bottom right corner of the photo or simply by clicking on it with the mouse’s right button.

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