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Vienna is one of the many cities connected by the Danube, only it does not cross through the historic center of the city here, but flows around it. Only small streams pass through the center of the Austrian capital in narrow canals with low concrete beds and no banks. Further away from the center, the scenery is both more modern and industrial along the mainstream, and also more green and lined by trees. These spacious riverside areas are less frequented by tourists and provide peaceful recreational places for locals to enjoy a walk, some sport activities or a drink. Boats and ships are often moored to these piers, with some staying there permanently opening as cafés and bars. Some spots have backdrops of more historic buildings, while others have modern high-rises, offering filmmakers a diversity they can choose among freely. Another film friendly feature is that here the Danube’s the opposite sides are pretty close, providing the opportunity to easily shoot action scenes between shores or between one of the banks and a boat. These wide concrete banks are far from busy roads and pavements, making them peaceful locations for productions.

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