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Budapest’s historic train stations are stunning with their monumental scales and strong characteristics that have made them iconic sights of the city. Film productions are welcome to shoot in these typically European railway stations, many with typical historic atmospheres, while others are Modernist and Soviet in style. The stations built back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire have grandiose atmospheres due to their monumental facades and huge steel-framed glass windows that surround the central platforms of the stations. There are also hidden corners with luxurious chambers built for royalty and also colourful retro waiting rooms. Regardless of whether these railway locations in Budapest are well-renovated or run-down, they are well prepared and open to offer easy access for film and photo productions, providing flexibility in their infrastructure and management. Progressive Productions has produced shoots at all of these train stations, thereby attaining experience and stable knowledge, as well as having developed helpful work relations with these locations for filming.