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The elegance and sophistication of the Austro-Hungarian Empire can still be witnessed when travelling on Budapest's oldest metro line, which happens to also be the oldest metroline in the European continent. Due to it being constructed 125 years ago, the stations were placed very shallow underground and the platforms are accessible simply via one flight of stairs, instead of escalators. This metro line connects the city centre with the impressive Hero’s Square, therefore many of its stops are located in beautiful and important spots of the city, such as along the monumental Andrássy boulevard. The metro’s charming entrances are made of carved stone and brightly painted cast iron. Below ground, the walls are covered by tiles made by a famous Hungarian porcelain manufacturer. The names of the stations are also beautifully painted onto unique tiles. There are vintage benches and ticket booths made of wood, as well as cast steel columns. The design, scale and rich textures of these materials all give a sense of the golden age of Europe, thus providing an inspiring backdrop full of character for photo shoots of any kind.