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Situated in the heart of Hungary, Kecskemét is one of the country’s most unique, atmospheric towns, making it an exciting destination for film and photography shoots alike, thanks to its special and diverse locations. This town is called by many as the center of the country because of being brilliantly located - it is only an hours car drive from Budapest. Kecskemét’s architectural style is an interesting and exciting mixture of peasant architecture and bourgeois culture, which are still strongly present in Kecskemét’s life today. Some parts have simple, single-floor, short houses and yellow cobblestone historic streets, creating the atmosphere of a classic peasant town, while other parts consist of stunning, affluent Art deco Art Nouveau buildings reminding us of the town’s bourgeois culture. The most famous of these buildings is the Cifrapalota, decorated by Zsolnay porcelain, which originally functioned as an apartment building, then as a casino and can be currently visited as a museum. Its extraordinary facade reminds one of a gingerbread-house, evoking the world of traditional Hungarian folk tales.

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