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This gallery presents exceptional abandoned industrial locations, that are atmospheric reminders of long-gone historical times. Hungary has undergone multiple waves of industrialisation. The first wave happened 150 years ago, then the second and third occurred during the Soviet Era when the industrialisation of the country was supported by the state. Each era constructed vast factories and plants with architectural styles typical of their period, with specific technology and design. In the last few years, many of these untouched and abandoned places have become popular locations for national and international productions. Progressive has also shot many film and photography projects in these industrial sites, which are varied in style and function. For example, there are power stations, mines, metal factories and industrial docks, with control rooms, towering chimneys, winding corridors and vast halls with unique metal structures and large glass windows. All of these places are easily accessible from Budapest. These locations have been scouted and photographed by our team who have also ensured that all these featured places are available to be rented for productions and that they are able to meet the health and safety standards required for shooting.