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Apart from the internationally acclaimed beautiful historic center, Budapest has to offer a far wider range of characteristic locations, than what most are familiar with. Much of the city’s outskirts are residential areas consisting of housing estates, the majority of which were made in the Soviet Era. With the use of the possibilities that concrete can offer, they constructed towering blocks aiming to create egalitarian housing for the masses. They are often complemented these with parks, ballcourts and starkly contrasting small shop buildings. The simple, modern, geometric architecture of these sites provide opportunities for unique backgrounds for all sorts of shoots. Its most characteristic traits are due to the sheer scale of these areas and its housing, as well as the contrasting rough architecture alongside pockets of nature. Depending on the area, the quality of these estates differ drastically, with some renovated and colourfully painted, while others are left to decay. There are possibilities for playful, quickly color-based shoots, while other areas have an eerie, grimey atmosphere of the past and the previous political regime. But these are just a few examples of the exciting and unusual visual situations that are worth discovering for film and photography shoots in the outskirts of the Hungarian capital.