The Building with Grandiose Marble Hall

This amazing building, the Palace of Justice was built as one of the investments of the State for the 1000th birthday of Hungary in 1896 to house the Ministry of Justice. The architect Alajos Hauszmann, who was one of the best at that time, faced the challenge that he had to create a building which is “monumental, but moderate” at the same time. The scale of the building is pretty impressive as the main facade is 125 meters long and its total area is 6400 square meters. The fabulous main hall is frequented by filmmakers, thanks to its 24 meter height, colorful marble floor, deep prussian blue marble columns, ornate walls with gold decorations, multiple, diverse staircases and a huge ceiling fresco. As there were trials there at the early 20th Century there is a fascinating courtroom in the building which has been preserved as it was at that time. The original beautiful wooden benches are still there. The building has housed the Museum of Ethnography since 1973.

Many scenes of Evita with Madonna was filmed here and doubled as a church in The Rite with Anthony Hopkins
The fabulous main hall has a ceiling height of 24 meters
All of the different halls and chambers of the building are just simply breathtaking
There is a fascinating courtroom in the building which has been preserved as it was during the 19th century when trials were still held there
Palace of Justice Street View

Such pictures were filmed here as Evita with Madonna, Sunshine with Ralph Fiennes and The Rite with Anthony Hopkins, where it played a Roman church. Also, the ball scene from the movie The Raven was shot here and it was also used as a palace in the new TV series Dracula. As a location double it has been used as a Parisian location in the 2015 movie Spy, as the Italian Palazzo Vecchio in Inferno and in the 2017 spy film Atomic Blonde, it was used as London’s MI6 headquarters. The palace was even used in the 2016-2017 fantasy series called Emerald City, naturally as a fantasy location.

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